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    Columbus McKinnon’s Unified Industries brand provides superior products combined with innovative, intelligent motion technology to achieve maximum performance. Carrying the load since 1953, Unified Industries continues to be a global leader in the overhead material handling market. Our solutions are ideal for all types of applications: from high-production systems in near-constant operation to those that may only be required once or twice a day.

    From the steel header to the under-the-hook lifting device, Unified Industries systems are designed with safety, productivity, and ergonomics in mind, featuring unique aluminum rails and industry-leading technology systems that installers have come to depend on. You can also combine Unified Industries products with other Columbus McKinnon solutions, including Magnetek® controls or CM® chain hoists, for a complete motion control system.

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    Enclosed Track Rail Systems

    Workstation Cranes PS

    Workstation Cranes

    When you need to move loads from one place to another, our aluminum-rail workstation cranes are a lightweight, high-strength option. Available in manual or automated configurations in a variety of sizes and lifting capacities, Unified Industries workstation cranes can be configured as ceiling-mount systems or freestanding structures. Workstation cranes are designed to seamlessly integrate with Columbus McKinnon’s portfolio of powered and manual hoists for a complete lifting solution.

    Gantry Cranes PS

    Gantry Cranes

    With capacities up to 2,200 lbs. and lengths up to 20 feet, our adjustable enclosed track aluminum gantry crane is an ideal solution anywhere lifting equipment is required on an infrequent basis. Profiles are extruded from lightweight 6005-T5 aluminum, so cranes are easy to move into place as changing facility configurations require. Large locking casters allow the gantry to be moved with ease and out of the way when not in use.

    ETA Components PS


    Ergonomically superior to standard steel bridge crane and monorail systems, our ETA rail systems and components are designed to maximize productivity while maintaining the highest standards of safety. ETA-3, 4, 5, and 8 Rail Systems consist of a full suite of components, including hangers, end trucks, load trolleys, stops, festooning, inspection gates, splices, telescoping rails, limit switches, and more, so you can get your system up and running quickly.

    Jib Cranes PS

    Jib Cranes

    Unified Industries jib cranes are the ideal solution for areas where adequate headroom and structural support does not exist. Utilizing enclosed track aluminum monorails, jib cranes are available with a variety of options to best fit your application. Choose from articulated, wall-mounted, and base-mounted units with capacities up to 2,000 lbs., boom lengths up to 20 feet, and rotation up to 360 degrees.

    ProPath™ Automated Workstation Crane

    To move product around a plant floor safely and effectively, our unique ProPath Automated Workstation crane combines high-quality hardware with innovative controls to maximize
    performance and safety in your facility.

    ProPath is available in two automated configurations for varying levels of control, integrating wireless communication, positioning components, diagnostics, and analytics for efficient, precise operation.

    Semi-Automated Configuration:
    In its semi-automated configuration, also known as auto dispatch, ProPath enables automated movement, while also utilizing human assistance for precise actions. This allows multiple areas to share a single crane and for finished product to travel through one, all, or a combination of work locations.

    Fully Automated Configuration:
    A fully automated ProPath system delivers intelligence, requiring no human assistance beyond setup. The system delivers critical, real-time data to a laptop, tablet, or human-machine interface (HMI), which can also remotely start, program, monitor, and troubleshoot the entire system.

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    Lift Assists and Components

    Arms PS

    Articulating Arms

    • Lifting capacity of up to 500 lbs. at 100 PSI
    • Reach up to 10 ft.
    • Available as column mount, carriage mount, or extension/banjo arm
    Balancers PS

    Pneumatic Cable Balancers

    Ideal for transferring loads that require more precision than a pneumatic hoist

    • Capacity of up to 485 lbs.
    • Non-reeved balancers come equipped with a 9-meter cable
    Control Handle PS

    Control Handles

    Provide precise load positioning and control in ergonomic, easy-to-use designs

    • Available in multiple standard and trigger models, depending on application needs
    • Left- and right-hand configurations available with button placement that
      matches your thumb’s natural range of motion
    • Available in electric, pneumatic, and electric/pneumatic configurations
    Vertical Lifters PS

    Vertical Lifters

    Capacities of up to 1,000 lbs. at 100 PSI

    • Standard stroke lengths from 12-36 inches
    • Torque up to 760 ft-lbs.

    Uni-Life Track® Complete Fall Protection System

    The Uni-Life Track Complete Fall Protection System is a total solution designed to keep your workforce safe, protecting against accidental operator slips and falls from elevated work areas.

    With typical fall protection systems, in the event of a fall, a trolley will roll to the center of two hanging points. This increases the risk of a swing fall into obstacles, resulting in a secondary fall injury. Uni-Life Track provides a solid stable anchorage between two end points, minimizing the risk of a secondary injury.

    The Uni-Life Track trolley will stop immediately if a fall occurs. Especially in low-headroom applications, the rigid anchorage fall protection option is far superior when compared to wire
    systems, providing critical safety and cost advantages.

    The system is designed for fast and easy installation and complies with OSHA standards and ANSI regulations. End trucks come pre-assembled on bridges, while hangers and end stops are pre-assembled and packaged by system, allowing you to set up your system in a fraction of the time. Uni-Life Track is custom designed to fit your specific application and available for use by single or multiple workers. All systems are designed to meet or exceed the standards set forth in ANSI Z359.1.

    Uni-Life PS


    Whether the solution requires a custom-developed product or a simple LEAN tool, Unified Industries is able to supply a full line of accessories to help enhance your lifting and
    positioning systems. Additional accessories include:

    Accessories PS